Bypass Publisher - Amazon SES Setup Instructions

Important Note: We have found that Bluehost does not allow connecting to SES for emailing, we suggest setting up a business or reseller account with HostGator instead.

Here's the step-by-step guide for setting up your Amazon SES account and placing the settings in Bypass Publisher:

1 - open your Amazon SES account (SES = Simple Email Service) - go here to open your account, or login if you already have an Amazon account

2 - Get to your AWS Management Console


3 - Click on the SES link


4 - Click on Verify a New Sender


5 - This is where you will see a listing of your verified email addresses, click on the Verify a New Email Address button


6 - Verify a New Sender - for each email address of your sending domain or any email address you want to have associated with sending from your Bypass Publisher through your Amazon SES account, enter those addresses one by one and submit and repeat for each. Email addresses to use include: - - (this is required for Bypass settings) - - each of these must be email addresses that you can receive emails to as Amazon will send you confirmation emails to click. It is important that you match the case (upper case and lower case letters exactly as you would like to use them).You can also verify your gmail, hotmail, yahoo kinds of accounts. We will verify complete domains in a moment, however I do suggest that you do this step too.


7 - After entering all of your needed email addresses, check your email and click on the verification link in each

8 - After clicking the verification link in each email, you will see this Congratulations page


9 - Verify Domain-wide Email Addresses

We also recommend verifying domains so in case you have missed an email address this is your "safety net" of email address verification.

From you AWS Management Console, click the Verified Senders link on the left navigation sidebar.


10 - Click on the Domains tab


11 - Click on Verify a New Domain


12 - Type in your domain, like: - then click the Verify This Domain button


13 - Copy and save the information for your domain(s). You may want to keep a file for all of the domains you add.


14 - Information for "" saved in a .txt file


15 - Login to your cPanel for your domain, find the Domains section, click on Advance DNS Zone Editor (if you have a dedicated server you may do this for each domain through your WHM admin panel)


16 - In the Add a Record section, fill in each box like you see here - in the first box try just putting this in: _amazonses and see if cPanel automatically adds the rest. If not then add the complete address and add a period at the end. For TTL, use 14400. For Type, use TXT. In the TXT Data, put quotes at the beginning and end of the data. Click Add Record.

After you 've added the record, you will see it listed at the bottom of the other records. Double check it to make sure it looks correct, if not, you can edit it.

NOTE: if it does not seem that SES is verifying after 15 minutes, try taking the "quotes" off the beginning and end of the TXT data field.

17 - Repeat the Verify a Domain process for each domain you want Amazon SES to recognize with permission to send emails from your Amazon SES account (see steps 9-16 above).


18 - After verifying all of your email addresses and domains you will see them listed on your Verified Senders page (in verified email and verified domains).

Now click on the SMTP Settings link in the left side navigation sidebar to continue.


19 - Copy the SMTP information seen on this page and save it, then click on the Create My SMTP Credentials button


20 - Create an IAM User Name, it can be anything, such as the default:  ses-smtp-user


21 - Or make up your own IAM User Name and click Create


22 - After clicking the Create button, you see this message... click the Show User SMTP Security Credentials link


23 - Copy and save your SMTP username and password along with the SMTP information in step 19


24 - Request Production Access from Amazon SES

Click the Dashboard link from the left navigation sidebar

Click on Request Production Access


25 - Fill in your informaton and click Submit


NOTE - if you are upgrading to the new Bypass Publisher with Amazon SES, then pause here and go to the upgrade page if you haven't already, complete those instructions and then come back here to complete this page.

26 - Add your SMTP information to Bypass Publisher

Login to your Bypass Publisher - ex:

Click at the top right: System > Settings - enter this information then click Save at the top or bottom of the page


27 - Be sure to read the documentation on Amazon SES regarding increasing your daily limits, planning ahead, and migration strategies at

Amazon SES "learns" to trust you as a "good guy" emailer over a few weeks. This prevents "bad guy" spammers from abusing the SES system and creating problems for Amazon and all of us "good guy" emailers. Be sure to keep your list clean of undeliverables, failures, and delete any complaint emails you get from your database. If you keep sending to bad addresses that will count against you as a "good guy" emailer.

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